Flying Power League: Frosty Faustings X kicks off this week!

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After the first official Windjammers SS tier event at NorthEast Championship 18 last month, Windjammers Flying Power League has unveiled its next stop: Frosty Faustings X on January 19-20th at Chicago with a $1.000 Pot Bonus up for grabs.

With no less than a hundred of entrants, Frosty Faustings X turns out to be the largest event of the Windjammers Flying Power League, yet this is just the beginning!

The pools will start on Friday at 3 PM CST/10 PM CET then we’ll wrap up the first SS tier event of the year with the Top 16 on Saturday at 10 AM CST/5PM CET.

You’re in Chicago and want to jam with Windjammers Community and maybe win some of the $1.000 of cash prizes? please note you can register on-site 60 mins before the game starts its first pool.

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