The Game

Vestige of the 90’s and also known as Flying Power Disc in Japan, Windjammers was originally released by DataEast on the NEOGEO arcade system and console. Today we’re thrilled to bring back this cult classic of arcade sports on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita for the greatest delight of generations of players.

Have you ever heard about the Windjammers Championship?

The best athletes from around the world used to face off against each other to become the best jammer in the world. The Windjammers series would take place in various environment, from the beach to concrete court. The six playable characters managed to differentiate from the other challengers with their dexterity, techniques and throwing speed.

Your main goal is to sharpen your throwing and sliding skills, use the best techniques to defeat your opponents, and become the world’s best player ! Incredibly fun and intensely addictive, Windjammers, the perfect blend between sports and fighting game, is the adrenaline rush you’re looking for!

Twenty three years old after it’s release on NEOGEO console and arcade system, we’re glad to bring it back on next-gen consoles and see that Windjammers communities are as thrilled as we are to challenge each other on the court.

We want to thank you warmly for purchasing Windjammers and hope you to become the best jammer in the world.

Right on!



Hiromi Mita is a former professional tennis player. Fast and agile, she only struggles with the slidings.

Her special throw is called Fire Snake.


As a former professional tennis player, Steve Miller is technically gifted and has a good dexterity. Moreover, he is a very handy and fast character to play with.

Don’t get tricked by his special: the Sideburner!


Former footballer in Spain, Jordi Costa is an all-round athlete among the six playable character.
His special throw is called: Rocket Diagonal

Loris Biaggi

Former n°1 goalkeeper in the word,
Loris Biaggi kept strong blocking and shooting skills from his past sporting achievements.
Circling and fast, his hard to catch special throw Thunder Loop is to be feared.

Gary Scott

Gary Scott was an American Football player. He has a quick and fearsome throw. However, because of his massive figure, he is quite slow and hard to control.
His special is called the Missile Throw.

Klauss Wessel

Former olympic champion, Klauss Wessel has strong sliding skills but lacks dexterity due to his impressive figure.

His special throw is called: Blitzkrieg